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It is sometimes, even more personal

If I had to pick one great aspect of my career as a celebrant, it would be the fact that each ceremony creation process, creates a very personal relationship with me and my client.

My clients share such personal details of their lives with me in order that I can work with them to create the ceremony for them that is absolutely bespoke.

Of all the ceremonies that I offer, I think Wedding Vow Renewals are the ceremonies where all parties have the best ideas of what the future will hold for them.

Usually Vow Renewal ceremonies are events that re-affirm the mutual love and respect that both parties have for each other, which is such a beautiful thing to witness or be involved in.

Sometimes the vow renewal comes after a difficult time for one or both and the ceremonies helps with acceptance and healing.
I don’t have a particular type of ceremony that I prefer over the others, but recently Wedding Vow Renewals have started to have a personal attachment.

I am always excited to hear my couples’ choices and dreams. We discuss their ideas, my suggestions and we come up with something that fits them perfectly.

When creating the ceremonies, I have on occasion thought how nice it would be to do it myself, so with my 20th wedding anniversary coming up next year, it was sitting there in the back of my mind.

So this time it’s my turn!

I was inspired to actually “go for it” after meeting a lovely couple recently and helping them to arrange Wedding Vow Renewal.  They are such a devoted couple with some difficult times ahead, but oh, so in love, and wanting to celebrate their love surrounded by those close to them.

As an eternal romantic, Hubby and I are doing the same, so I’m now involved in the side that I don’t see too much of, the flowers, the outfits etc.
Although I sometimes run new ideas past my other half before presenting them to clients, this time round, he has a say!
The date is set, and the location is sorted, just need to organise myself a great celebrant.

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